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My name is Dyiana Donaldson, I am the CEO of VisitingHome, LLC. I am a registered nurse (RN) with over 20 years of clinical experience as both staff and administration. I have experience working closely with physicians to ensure the highest, most thorough patient care. I am a  highly effective, detail oriented healthcare professional and I look forward to earning your business. My staff and I are fluent in Spanish.


Please feel free to email me at with your questions and/or concerns.


Thank you!

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My Story

        I am originally from Honduras. I moved to New York at 14 years old. Moving to the United States exposed me to many new opportunities that were not so easily accessible in my home country. In caring for my mother, I found my love for nursing and helping those in need. I attended nursing school at the college of Mount St. Vincent and graduated as a registered nurse. My career began as a medical surgical nurse but I quickly found my passion for home care. In wanting to extend care to a larger part of my community, I went back to school where I earned my Masters Degree in Science and Nursing. 

        While working in home care, I have excelled in areas such as RN administrator, case manager, and utilization management. In working deeper into home care, I saw the growing demand for at-home health care providers. This motivated me to open my own home care agency. From this vision, VisitngHome, LLC (VHLLC) was created. I strive to provide superior, compassionate care and access to the best quality level of home care services in our community through VHLLC. 


Contact us for new and exciting opportunities. 


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